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We have stopped twicli due to the change of Twitter API to charge for data acquisition. Thank you for your long time use.

twicli is a browser-based Twitter client.

  • No need for installation. All you need is a Web browser.
  • Automatically fetches timeline, and show with cool animation.
  • Get tweets from Twitter directly using cross domain JavaScript. No relay server = quick response.
    (Your tweets are posted via GAE server to GET responses using JavaScript callback.)

Useful when you are in an Internet cafe, doing something else while viewing Twitter timeline.
Works on Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE8 at the moment, as well as Safari on iPhone/iPod touch
Works on IE7 too, but some parts aren't displayed properly.




Just click the link above, or run it as a bookmarklet.
When you get asked for authorization, please follow the instruction on each page.

Be careful not to hit API request limit (350 requests per hour) by clicking too much. :-P

How to Use

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There are also some information about customizing twicli in twicli wiki.

User Stylesheet

You can add your own CSS in "user stylesheet" section of the "+" tab. For example; There are some guys publishing more stylesheets for twicli (=>twicli wiki).


You can register plugins by setting them at the "Preferences" in the "+" tab.
Currently, there are plugins below:


"twicli" is developed at github under MIT license.

Please report any bugs/wishes to @NeoCat. Your patches are also appreciated.

Links (all in Japanese)